Sophie McAlister [Aus/Crown Ruler]

Sophie McAlister: Hi I’m Sophie. I moved to Melbourne 4 years ago and I DJ and work at Northside records.

Keegan Fepulea’i: How’s the cultural shift been from Bali to Melbourne?

S: Was​ really hard at first. So many things I had to quickly adapt to. I was lucky that my sister was already living here with a spare room, which made the move a lot easier.

K: You seem to have found your feet somewhat. You’re also part of one of the best crews in the world, Crown Ruler. How did that come about?

S: ​Yeah I feel extremely lucky to be surrounded by some of the most forward thinking heads in music and supported by amazing people. Kinda happened just by being a regular punter and having mutual connections to Jamie. He threw me in the deep end one year and booked me for freedom time and we have been playing music together at Magnetic City ever since.

K: Haha! Unfortunately Freedom Time no longer happens at New Years but Sun Cycles is the new New Year’s Day party?

S: Freedom time is still running in Perth, Sun Cycle is in Melbourne

K: Everyone in the South Pacific looks to Melbourne as this guiding light in arts and culture, how is it navigating this space as a female?

S: ​I think it’s really great how promoters, artists and punters are becoming more conscious about the importance of representation. I’m still learning how to navigate that, but I feel really supported by my female counterparts and it’s always amazing to see yourself represented.

K: What can we expect from your set at Pleasure?

S: My first time to NZ and first time playing there. This will be my 3rd time playing with Booker and from past experiences it has always popped off. I definitely want to keep things in theme with the party, all things PLEASURE. Will probably start with some soulful disco and see where I go from there.


Sophie kindly put together a playlist for you, our reader. Have a listen to her latest selection of aural delights: