Benny Salvador – Wat Shu [Aunty Records]

The transition from DJ to producer is one that few can pull off, and in most cases you’re either one or the other. Being a good DJ doesn’t qualify you as a producer, and vice versa. I’ve been eagerly waiting to see if this Wellington DJ could pull it off. To be honest, I knew it wouldn’t be a stretch. Having watched his rise as a DJ I’d constantly been in awe of his ability, often seeing him communicate in a way that few DJ’s could, let alone at his age.

Benny Salvador has just released his debut EP, “Wat Shu”. He managed to assemble a seriously heavy assortment of musicians: the likes of Riki Gooch, Dan Hayles, Sam Lindsay, Lucien Johnson, Kelly Hibbert & Mu all add their own touch without overshadowing Salvador.

Don’t play yourself. Cop a copy of this record and, like us, hope that it’ll get the wax treatment. Out now via Benny’s new label Aunty Records.

– Keegan