Benny Salvador

Benny Salvador

Keegan: While most 15 year olds are concerned with gaming and social media, you’re one hell of a DJ. How does a 15 year old become a club DJ?

Benny: Um, well, thanks! I’ve been playing records for most of my life. I’ve always loved dancing and dancing with other people. So, that sort of coincided and has been my main focus.

I’m an only child, with parents who have brought me along to a lot of their partys. I think they were trying to find things for me to keep busy with so they let me play records and play for their house parties.

I found I really liked it and wanted to play as much as possible from then on. Being a club DJ became a thing as soon as I started playing club music. I’ve never really thought about it haha.

K: Shit! That’s some pretty cool parents! I think the first time i saw you near a set of turntables was at the Fat Freddy’s Drop Fried Chicken Party at Miss Moonshines. I was playing Ebo Taylor and you came and sat in the booth. I was taken back, that someone of your age was interested in such music. Is this still a focus for you or is it all house and techno?

B: Haha yeah I remember that! Definitely! Although I play a lot of house and techno that was sort of a by product of listening to lots of funk, Afro, disco ect. I found Theo Parrish’s JB’s edit from listening to James brown and very quickly dove into Detroit techno/Chicago house and everything that came after that, which is what I guess I’m more known for playing.

Most of the time you catch me I’ll be listening to people like sun ra and or the sounds of Siam etc.

I just listen to lots of stuff


K: I guess there’s no going wrong with a bit of that Motor City goodness is there? All that Leftfield Luk Thung, Jazz & Molam from Thailand is crazy as well…

You’re not only a DJ though… I’ve seen you on stage with Eru Dangerspiel alongside your dad & i believe you have started making music with Rikki Gooch?

B: Haha yes… I’m their little padawan child. I’m for all the learning I can get. Me and uncle Riki have been making tonnes of beats, and I’ve been trying my best to keep up with him. There’s so much to learn from watching someone like him work. So working with him is an honour

K: No doubt, how was the first live show?

B: He came along to my club night, “Friends with Benefits” the other week and set up his drums next to me as I Dj’ed. It was so nice to add all those extra little fills that wouldn’t have been added otherwise.
We’re still working on the live drum machine stuff so that’s staying in the studio for the moment.

K: Really looking forward to hearing what comes of that

You can check Benny out this summer at Splore or on the 14th of December at Ante-Social.